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Let me help you to remember well

Keepsake is the art of remembering well and is something I’ve been exploring how to do over the last few years of my life and in particular remembering precious moments, documenting my collections, honouring family members and recording amazing places I have visited.

“But first, remember, remember, remember…” C.S.Lewis

“What matters in your life is not so much what happens to you but what you happen to remember – and how that will influence how your life happens.” Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way

I’ve been exploring questions like, what is the best way for me to remember what really matters?; what is important to my life right now?; how do I choose what to keep and what to give away?; what do I do with all the stuff I collected on my last trip?; what do I do with all the stuff left behind by my loved ones?; what can I do with all the tickets I’ve collected over the years? The list goes on and on!

Because I am a collector. I was encouraged to collect always by my family of hoarders who collected beautiful and meaningful things. As a collector I found it difficult to let go, move on and leave behind these precious objects.

Which of course led me to build a veritable mountain of ‘stuff’ squeezed into boxes, vintage suitcases, baskets, drawers and many other forms of storage all around my home. Part of my practice as a visual artist is story telling and every object held its own story, evoking important memories of someone, something, or an experience.

So by combining those memories into my visual practice either as objects or stories, they naturally manifest into artists books. This method of realisation has been central to my work for the past 30 years and more.

Let us take a journey together for you to ‘remember well’. Collecting your memories and encapsulating them in a unique handcrafted book.

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Not a book as you may first imagine, but an extra special keepsake, individually tailored both in structure and content to your story. Allow me to connect you to those precious memories in a fresh way to create a keepsake for you to treasure long into the future. If I can help you to ‘remember well’, then please get in touch and let’s see what is possible together. I can help, either on a consultation basis, or by creating something beautiful and very personal for you.

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I find book structures a perfectly neat little package in which to collect and explore ideas, materials and objects, in a format that can be folded away, kept safe and transported easily.

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